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CRM: A Large High-Growth Market

CRM remains a high-growth market that, according to IDC, grew 55-60% in 2000 to approximately $6.6 billion in revenue from $4.2 billion in 1999, compared to a growth rate of 71% in the prior year. Siebel remains the dominant player with 24% market share, with the industry leading platform for service and sales. The eCRM segment, that is, web-enabled CRM, is growing at the rate of 126%. Epiphany is the leader in this segment for marketing automation and analytical CRM. Gartner in its report Top Ten Trends for 2001 cites:

  • Increased investment in eCRM 

  • Increased use of solutions suites such as Siebel

  • An explosion of customer data

  •  Heavy use of marketing analytics, to supplant sales and service

  • Increased number of project failures

Best-Of-Breed Siebel and Epiphany Solutions

 ScaleIT serves customers who have chosen best-of-breed Siebel and Epiphany sales, service, and marketing automation solutions, to achieve functional depth in areas such as Siebelís call center scripting and Epiphanyís campaign and list management and real-time personalization. ScaleIT is uniquely positioned to serve customers that choose to deploy both Siebel, for sales and service, and Epiphany, for marketing and analytics.

Rapid Deployment Methodology (ScaleIT SPIKE)

ScaleIT defines a standard methodology that seeks to mitigate the risk and cost associated with CRM deployments and to return immediate value to our customers. Our methodology embodies many of the best practices found  in the Siebel RAD and Epiphany Concept Model Framework. We utilize a balanced scorecard approach to define company-wide metrics and SEI-CCM practices to provide total quality management. The ScaleIT SPIKE methodology avoids the common pitfalls associated with CRM project failures.

Strategy: It is important that an organization embark upon its CRM initiatives with  an appropriate level of business and technical due diligence, executive and departmental buy-in, well-defined corporate and divisional goals, and an understanding of how business processes will be impacted. ScaleIT helps its clients develop a compelling vision, achieve consensus, calculate ROI, identify low-hanging fruit, develop a clear understanding of business goals and a balanced scorecard, and evaluate vendors.

Planning: Here we define hard requirements, a rollout proposal, a project plan, and a set of design specifications defining the user experience, data integrity constraints, data sources, and the level of business process integration and automation.

Implementation: Certified ScaleIT resources, with the benefit of prior CRM engagements, implement the solution, with the oversight of  senior ScaleIT project managers.

Knowledge Transfer:  ScaleIT and other affiliated partners offer user training and administrative support to ensure a smooth handoff.

Evaluation: At the conclusion of a project, you evaluate our work and the success of the project relative to business goals and scorecards.




Customer Business Process/Workflow Integration

ScaleIT brings expertise in the engineering of customer-specific workflow using Siebel Workflow and other workflow tools.

CRM Focused Enterprise Application Integration

ScaleIT brings expertise in EAI middleware technologies, such as Siebel EAI, Tibco Active Enterprise, Oracle AQ, and IBM MQ, cultural and business process automation issues involved in EAI implementations used to link legacy systems with CRM applications.

CRM Focused Business Intelligence

ScaleIT brings decades of expertise in customer data management in operational and analytic environments, data modeling, and the application of EAI, ETL, and BI middleware. Furthermore, we are versed in the application of CRM specialized analytical capabilities such as Epiphany AP.

Systems Engineering Depth

ScaleITís understanding of Siebel and Epiphany capabilities extends beyond user-visible product features and configurables to the underlying product architecture and artifacts of system implementation that drive performance, scalability and availability. ScaleITís general technology and system integration background is broad spanning n-tier componentware web systems, EAI middleware, highly scalable databases, and high-performance operating systems. Our range of technical prowess affords us the ability to accurately plan system capacity, identify points of failure, and to create a fail-safe scalable service architecture.

Vertical Expertise

 ScaleIT brings vertical expertise in the areas of finance, technology, telecommunications, retail, life sciences, transportation, and the public sector.

Exclusive Partnerships

 ScaleIT has partnered with top-tier firms in the areas of CRM infrastructure, server and middleware infrastructure, user experience, CRM training, and global resource providers to offer a complete range of services to our customers.

ScaleIT Advantage: Successful Deployments

 ScaleIT is proud of its record of CRM and SI accomplishments: deployments of Siebel SFA, Epiphany IP, Octane, multiple B2B exchanges and B2C commerce sites, and performance-focused releases of CRM products and leading database products. Our engagements have included multiple Fortune 500 technology companies, a leading telecom venture, a life science and public sector B2B exchange, a retail focused B2C venture, a broadcast media site, and leading financial firms, among others.











Challenges You Face

Services We Provide
Do you proactively manage your customer relationships? 

Are you able to determine the value of each of your customers, cross-sell, and up-sell your most valued customers? 

Does your organization need call center, sales, or marketing support? 

Can your customer service agents access legacy systems to view customer history? Do you have a consistent notion of customer across your organization? Is anyone, anywhere in your organization, able to access a customer's profile? 

Are you able to support multiple channels of customer communication (fax, email, voice, web) equally well?

Have you considered opportunities for better serving financial relationships (FRM)? 




Siebel and Epiphany Certified Resources



Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Database Integration and Administration

Business Intelligence

Siebel and Epiphany Extractors

Scalability and Availability Analysis and Engineering



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