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Fast-growing mid-sized or larger corporations may span the globe and contain multiple information-intensive divisions and a variety of user communities. A front office must accept orders and hand them off to the back office. A sales unit will want to inform manufacturing and marketing, as to what is selling or not. Manufacturing must adjust inventory subject to customer demand and supply chain concerns. Marketing activities must better inform product development. Business change, due to globalization, deregulation, mergers & acquisitions, and the competition for top employees, is an unfortunate constant. Here, ScaleIT advises on the design of an enterprise-class communications and database architecture capable of spanning the globe and providing the level of guaranteed performance and reduced cost of maintenance that a larger corporation and Information Technology (IT) department requires.

To assess your situation, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the back office process transactions reliably under sustained loads, as the size of the database and the number of users grow?
  2. Does the management team get the business intelligence they need when they need it? Have you tapped your datawarehouse?
  3. Has an intranet and extranet been constructed to reduce costs, enhance customer service, and facilitate information access?
  4. Have enterprise-class services been deployed to manage corporate change?
  5. Has an e-commerce strategy been developed as an alternative revenue stream with low cost-per-transaction?
  6. Is the cost of managing a heterogeneous mix of system and network appliances spiraling out of control?
  7. Are you able to develop strategic applications quickly enough? How are you dealing with the shortage of skilled IT professionals? Do you have any partnerships with outside consulting firms? Are there delivering for you?

Business and Technical Requirements Analysis

Technical Due Diligence

Scope, Risk, Cost, and Technology Assessments

Architectural Reviews and Roadmaps

Technology and Data Audits

Business Process Engineering

Data Modeling and Object-Oriented Analysis/Design

System Integration Advice

Project Planning Advice

Request for Proposal (RFPs) Composition and Evaluation

Product Evaluations and Benchmarks

Function and Design Specs

Prototypes and Pilots 

Migration Planning for the Web, Client-Server, CORBA, and Open Systems

Network Design & Installation

  • Voice and Data
  • UTP, Fiber
  • Cabling
  • Building Codes
  • Datacenter Security Systems


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