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Competitive Positioning. You will need to constantly assess and reassess your positioning in the market.

Creating an Enterprise-Class Solution. To cross the chasm into mainstream markets, you will need to architect and deploy an enterprise-class whole product solution. Your customers will scrutinize your product's performance, scalability, and managneability, and ease of customization and integration.

Rapid Deployment, Release Management. You will need to deploy your product quickly enough and with enough quality to stay ahead of the competition. 

Training. You will need to deliver training to your customers. 

Professional Services. You will need to partner with firms that can provide additional system integration services outside the realm of your professional service organization. 

To assess your situation, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you deliver the quality customers expect to have? Does your product provide the enterprise capabilities larger customers expect?

  2. Have you made it easy to manage our product? What is your management story?

  3. Are you able to deliver your product on time and budget? Have you assessed your project plan for risk? Have you performed long-range planning or ever gotten an outside opinion?

  4. How do you manage software change? Do you have a componentware strategy?

  5. How long has it been since you reassessed your competitive positioning? Do you have the time to do this yourself?

  6. Are you familiar with the range of enterprise technologies?

Competitive Positioning Reassessments

Business and Technical Requirements Analysis

Business and Technical Strategy Development

Scope, Risk, Cost, and Technology Assessments

Product-Oriented Technical Whitepapers and Comparisons

Application Architectures, Product Roadmaps, Technical Reviews

Business Process Engineering

System Integration and Project Planning Advice 

Guidance on Responding to Customer Request for Proposal (RFP's)

Competitive Evaluations, Feature Analysis, and Benchmarks

Insight into ComponentWare Strategies that Lower Development Cost and Risk

Function and Design Specification Development or Review



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