Heavy Industry R&D Experience
ScaleIT principals bring 10-15 years of industry experience working at the likes of Oracle, Siebel, Fidelity Investments, industry consortiums, like the Object Management Group, and innovative early stage ventures. Unlike other firms, we can access to industry experts at top-tier technology companies. 
Focus on Planning & Design
We seek to avoid the common pitfalls that occur during the early stages of new initiatives. Our process guidelines ensure a clear understanding of your requirements for reduced risk and optimal flexibility. We infuse your projects with a commitment to best practices. We utilize design patterns to model complex systems, enable design/code reuse, maximize flexibility, speed development, and improve quality. Given the cost and risks associated with software development, our process emphasizes project planning. Our project plans reflect the full software development lifecycle and real-world experience gained from many enterprise software projects. As appropriate for a given situation, we have utilized waterfall, spiral, scrum, extreme programming, and Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodologies. We are quality focused and believe in testing, tuning, and stress testing systems. ScaleIT stays abreast of industry trends and shares this experience during engagements. suggested reading list

Custom Solutions Experience
ScaleIT brings extensive product management and engineering experience crafting custom software solutions that enable access to new markets and meet exacting customer requirements. We have developed solutions for market data delivery, e-commerce marketplaces, among others. We leverage a strong knowledge base around enterprise-class software. 

Broad-based Technology Experience
ScaleIT principals brings hands-on experience with the range of server (web, application, and database), middleware (e.g. Tibco),  eBusiness, CRM, and ERP technology utilized to build modern-day applications. We also have worked in the development of enterprise software systems such as Oracle and Siebel and the integration of these systems as part of major customer initiatives. detail

Broad Domain Expertise
ScaleIT has served the needs of finance, public sector, retail, specialty chemicals, telecommunications, and high technology verticals.

Early Stage Venture Expertise and Spirit of Entrepreneurism
We are well versed in the organizational and technical challenges faced by early stage ventures having played a variety of roles in the planning and delivery of Chemdex, Spotlife, Wineshopper, Cloudscape, and Epylon. We look to solve these challenges expeditiously and pragmatically to help fledgling organizations achieve their goals. 

Service Orientation
We are flexible and play the range of roles, business analyst, product manager, technical architect, project manager, programmer / analyst, that you may require. We allow for critical changes during product development while controlling them to guarantee timely delivery.   

Focus on the Bottom Line
Missed deadlines mean missed opportunities. Unreliable software / infrastructure means unsatisfied customers. Unsatisfied customers means less revenue. This is the bottom line. ScaleIT experience ensures that you avoid common pitfalls along the way to product definition and an unreliable solution.  Our rates are in line with or lower than going market rates compared to larger firms. Where a client can document a solution in detail, we can provide our services on a fixed-cost basis. To further understand the value of our services and the cost of failure, check out these news stories and our FAQ.  
Solid Track Record
ScaleIT has operated since 1995. Our customers have included large system vendors, early stage ventures, and mid-sized to large IT organizations. We are proud of our excellent track record. more


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